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Welcome to Peek at Who, the leading provider of security and piece of mind in the Myrtle Beach area. All along the Grand Strand, Peek at Who works with home-owners and businesses, providing modern security systems. We are committed to your security. We offer home security products that are proven to reduce the risk of crime to your home or business.

Why spend thousands on personal security? Monthly fees, set up costs, and equipment problems can cause headaches. Avoid all that and take control of our security with our products, which cost only a fraction of popular home and business security systems. Plus, no monthly fees! All of our products are just a one-time cost to purchase. Peek at Who offers affordable, reliable security that will keep the bad guys away from your family or business.

Myrtle Beach Home and Business Security Options:

  • DoorScope. DoorScope is a revolutionary peep hole for your door that gives you never-before-seen views of the outside world. No more small holes to squint your eyes through when someone comes to the door! DoorScope offers unmatched views so you know exactly who is at your door and around your home.

Each product also includes its own warranty. While all of our products are easy to install, we also offer instillation options for each item. We are happy to install your security system at any Grand Strand home or business.

We also offer piece of mind when ordering, using the most secure online service, PayPal for all your ordering needs.

Feel free to browse all of our Myrtle Beach business and home security options and contact us with any questions before ordering!