Budget IP Cameras

NOTE: We only have 3 IP cameras left! Please contact us for additional availability.

Order your HD IP Camera here:

  • IP Camera with Swivel (Front)
    IP Camera with Swivel (Front)
  • IP Camera with Swivel (Side)
    IP Camera with Swivel (Side)
  • 180 Degree Lens IP Camera (White)
    180 Degree Lens IP Camera (White)
  • 180 Degree Lens IP Camera (Black)
    180 Degree Lens IP Camera (Black)

IP Camera Price (including instillation): $139.95 + $10.85 tax (Choose your camera options below – Swivel or 180 Degree Lens)

Camera Type :

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Budget IP Cameras for Myrtle Beach Info:

Our IP Cameras Feature:

  • HD Video
  • Swivel or 180-degree lens (your choice!)
  • Recording mode from phone or tablet
  • Nighttime vision
  • Verbal communications
  • Wireless connection
  • Work with router
  • A great camera to monitor not only houses but also garages, warehouses, business etc.

Security and piece of mind, at a reasonable price. Our budget IP cameras are easy to install and maintain. Budget IP cameras are used at a number of locations. From homes to shopping centers, roadways and even by cities. What makes our budget IP cameras different? Quality and dependability. Our cameras are made with the latest technologies in mind. That means you can expect a clear picture and the best security for your home, business or location. Home security systems can cost thousands of dollars each year. With our budget IP cameras you will have piece of mind at your home without unnecessary overhead.

How do IP cameras work? An IP camera sends video to the internet to enable live viewing or continuous recording. Because the video is transmitted online you can keep the video and view it no matter where you are located. An IP camera, like a computer has its own unique IP address and can be installed wherever a network is present. They are easy to install, whether you are using them inside or outside a home, business, or location.

Our budget IP cameras offer a number of other advantages. In addition to providing security, they save energy. Costly security systems can take a heavy toll on your electric bill. IP cameras use a fraction of the energy of bulky security systems and give you the same results.